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Model No. VE432MVHIPLE
Family Elite
Ballast Type Electronic
Lamp Operation Parallel
Input Voltage 120/277V
Starting Method Instant Start
Lamp Type No. of Lamps Input Voltage (V) Input Current (A) Input Power (W) Power Factor MAX THD (%) Ballast Factor Min. Starting Temp.(F/C) Lamp Current Crest Factor B.E.F.
F32T8 32W4120/2770.82/0.3598/960.99/0.98100.7701.70.79/0.80
F17T8 17W4120/2770.46/0.1954/520.98100.8101.7
F25T8 25W3120/2770.53/0.2262/610.98100.8401.7
F25T8 25W4120/2770.64/0.2776/740.98100.7801.7
F32T8/ES 25W3120/2770.53/0.2363/620.98100.8501.7
F32T8/ES 25W4120/2770.65/0.28760.98100.7701.7
F32T8/ES 28W3120/2770.57/0.2569/680.98100.8501.7
F32T8/ES 28W4120/2770.71/0.3084/820.98100.7701.7
F32T8/ES 30W3120/2770.62/0.2775/740.98100.8401.7
F32T8/ES 30W4120/2770.76/0.3290/880.98100.7701.7
F32T8 32W3120/2770.68/0.2981/800.98100.8201.7
F40T8 40W3120/2770.82/0.3598/960.99/0.98100.84321.7

Physical Parameters

Enclosure (in)
Length 9.5
Width 1.3
Height 1.0
Mounting 8.91
Lead Length in.(+/-1.0)
Black 12
White 12
Red 24
Blue 24
Yellow 36
Wiring Diagram

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