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Model No. VE432120HIP
Family Apollo
Ballast Type Electronic
Lamp Operation Parallel
Input Voltage 120V
Starting Method Instant Start
Lamp Type No. of Lamps Input Voltage (V) Input Current (A) Input Power (W) Power Factor MAX THD (%) Ballast Factor Min. Starting Temp.(F/C) Lamp Current Crest Factor B.E.F.
F32T8 32W41200.931120.98200.8801.70.79
F25T8 25W41200.74890.98200.9401.71.06
F17T8 17W41200.51610.98200.9601.71.57
F40T8 40W31200.931120.98200.8801.71.06
F32T8 32W31200.79940.98201.0001.71.41
F25T8 25W31200.62740.98201.0401.70.89
FT36W 36/39W31200.64760.98200.6801.70.69
FT36W 36/39W41200.79940.98200.6501.70.85
F17T8 17W31200.45530.95301.0401.71.33
F32T8/ES 25W31200.63750.98201.0001.70.96
F32T8/ES 25W41200.77920.98200.8801.71.22
F32T8/ES 28W31200.68820.98201.0001.70.89
F32T8/ES 28W41200.82990.98200.8801.71.15
F32T8/ES 30W31200.73870.98201.0001.70.84
F32T8/ES 30W41200.641050.98200.8801.71.33
F25T12 25W31200.78750.98201.0001.71.01
F25T12 25W41200.54930.98200.9401.70.94
F48T12 34W31200.66640.98200.6001.70.77
F48T12 34W41200.63780.98200.6001.70.91
F48T12 40W31200.78750.98200.6801.70.71
F48T12 40W41200.45920.98200.6501.71.33
F17T8 17W31200.51530.98201.0401.7
F17T8 17W41200.63610.98200.9601.7
F32T8/ES 25W31200.68750.98201.0001.7
F32T8/ES 28W31200.82820.98201.0001.7
F32T8/ES 28W41200.73990.98200.8801.7
F32T8/ES 30W31200.88870.98201.0001.7
F32T8/ES 30W41201050.98200.8801.7

Physical Parameters

Enclosure (in)
Length 9.5
Width 1.3
Height 1.0
Mounting 8.91
Lead Length in.(+/-1.0)
Black 12
White 12
Red 24
Blue 24
Yellow 36
Wiring Diagram

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