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Features & Benefits
No rewiring needed
Works with fluorescent electronic ballast
(Instant Start and Programmed Start)
Long life
High CRI
Instant on, no delay
Convenient and quick installation
Utilizes existing instant start or rapid start sockets
Works with dimming ballast
Compatible with controls and sensors
Works in cold temperature applications
Glass tube for superior optical performance
5 Year Warranty




Commercial Grade LED T8 Lamp
Specification Data (With Normal Ballast Factor)
Order Code Length Power Input Voltage (Depend on Ballast) CCT Initial Lumens CRI Beam Angle Lamp Efficacy System Efficacy Life
LB48T8U6/830/12P-EB4816120/277V, 347V3000K18008324015011250,000Yes
LB48T8U6/835/12P-EB4816120/277V, 347V3500K18008324015011250,000Yes
LB48T8U6/840/12P-EB4816120/277V, 347V4000K18008324015011250,000Yes
LB48T8U6/850/12P-EB4816120/277V, 347V5000K18008324015011250,000Yes
System Performance
  Low Ballast Factor High Ballast Factor
Lamp Model Lamp Power System Power Lumen Output Lamp Efficacy Lamp Power System Power Lumen Output Lamp Efficacy
Wiring diagram
* Please refer to "Ballast Compatibility List" for compatible battery backup and/or emergency ballasts.
* Please check ballast compatibility list before installation.
Specification data is based on tests performed in a controlled environment and represents relative performance. Actual performance can vary depending on operating conditions. Application and performance data subject to change without notice. All specifications are nominal unless noted otherwise.

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